Benefits of amino acids

Benefits of amino acids in collagen

Following are the specific qualities of each amino acid found in collagen :


Tonic effect on the immune system, reduces the level of acidity in the body, tones connective and mucular tissues, tonifies the central nervous system and brain.


Helps to convert fats into muscle mass and energy, accelerates wound healing and damaged tissues, helps form collagen for healthy tendons and ligaments, diminishes urea blood levels, better production of proteins for muscle growth, improves the number of spermatozoides, strengthens the immune system.


Eliminates the lack of non essential amino acids, calms nervousness, supplies L-aspartic acid.

Aspartic acid

Soothes chronic fatigue, gain in vitality and tolerance to fatigue, detoxifies the body, soothes muscles spasms.

Acide glutamique

Relief of mental fatigue, better memory, protects against the effects of stress, supplies GABA, helps with impotence, supplies glutathion, protects the pancreas, helps hypo-insulinics, helps to tolerate glucose (GHT).


Improves intellectual fonctions, helps wean alcool, helps treat imotence, helps heal gastric ulcers and gastritis, helps in the treatment of connective tissu diseases, anti-depressant effect, helps maintain muscle mass.


Beneficial for the skin, cartilages, tendons and bones, supplies glutathion, helps develop muscles, stimulates hypophyse, vitality of the immune system, helps increase red blood cells.


Helps eliminate progressive deafness, helps eliminates problems linked to anemia, allergies, arthritis, and bad digestion.


Improves alertness, better muscular condition, calms, decreases blood sugar, increases endurance and keeps cartilages and tendons healthy.


Helps rapidly heal bone, muscle and skin injuries, longer alertness, better coordination and calmness.


Treats skin reactions to stress, helps assimilate calcium, helps produce collagen and elastin fibres, stimulates the immune and endocrine system, increases the thinning effect of L-arginine and L-ornithine.


Relieves the liver, eliminates blood and tissue triglycerides, heavy metal detoxifier, treats rheumatoid, helps osteoporosis.


Effective against depression, improves mental capacity and memory, diminishes appetite, diminishes pain linked to osteoarthritis, arthritis, back pain, muscular cramps, postoperative pain, helps to detoxify alcool and drugs.


Strengthens and repairs cardiac muscles, accelerates regeneration of muscles, tendons and revitalizes joints, maintains healthy skin, bones and other tissues.


Facilitates the elimination of fat, helps muscle growth, eliminates deficiency in glutamine, strengthens the immune system.


Supplies cartilages, ligaments, balances proteins in the body, detoxes the liver, improves heart functions, the nervous system, muscles, the digestive system and immune system.


Stimulates the body, balances the thyroïde, the surrenals and hypophyse, soothes tension, diminishes muscular pain, inverses stress.


Mental alertness, better muscle coordination, better energy supplies, regeneration and repair of muscular tissues, accelerated muscle, skin and bone wound and injury healing.

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