Benefits of collagen

What are the benefits of sufficient collagen production by the body ?

An abundance of collagen in our body is crucial to regain and maintain a healthy, youthful and energetic appearance..

Here is a list of benefits :

Well-Being :

  • helps reduce joint pain
  • soothes arthritis and eases rheumatism pain and symptoms
  • promotes muscular relaxation
  • reduces the need for pain medication
  • helps balance the inflammatory process
  • improves the quality of sleep
  • improves digestion

Regeneration :

  • maintains healthy joints
  • protects, strengthens and stabilizes cartilages
  • slows down the degeneration of cartilages
  • increase skin and tissu elasticity
  • helps renew cartilages, bones, muscles, ligaments, organs and arteries.

Performance :

  • improves athletic performance
  • increases energy
  • improves flexibility and agility
  • maintains and increases muscle mass

Appearance :

  • promotes muscular mass and therefore helps with fat loss
  • improves the texture of hair, nails and skin
  • eases and reduces wrinkles
  • tones the body and organs


Who can benefit from a collagen intake ?