Collazymes is an exceptional product that has benefited people since the year 2000. The studies and the testimonials of the many people it has helped demonstrate its results.

The following testimonials are the true personal experience of Collazymes users and are not the company statements. Each person is different and can experience different benefits. These testimonials do not guarantee that you will obtain the same results.

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Better sleep, eased pain

Mr, Mrs,

We are fully satisfied with Collazymes and have recommended it to many people around us …


Tendinitis and bursitis

I am very happy with your product. Je suis contente de votre produit. After the first week the pain linked to my tendinitis and bursitis started diminishing a little more every day

Better skin and better sleep

The product is good for me. My skin is less dry and I sleep much better. Thank you.
Catherine P., France

Fibromyalgia and better sleep

I received my Collazymes package in excellent condition and I have shared it with many people.

Soothed pain and more strength

Hello, Collazymes has really helped me…

More energy, fibromyalgia, eased pain, better sleep

Personally I am in good health, but at 50 and with a profession that required much physical work (butcher) Collazymes has helped me recuperate faster and have energy especially in the morning.


Please find my order form for two bottles.

My docteur advised me to take your product.

Marie-Chantal, France

General practitioner

My GP told me to get your product which she has personally tested and tells me only good. I am buying 3 bottles now.

Best regards,
Brigitte M.

Joints and better vision


I want to thank you for having discovered and used your product. Since I have been taking it, my overall health has improved.I suffered so much from joint pain in my 2 hips and knees that I purchased a wheelchair.


Ankylosing spondylitis


In 2007 I bought some Collazymes and I left you my testimonial about the disease I was suffering from.

Sciatica, wound healing, skin, hair an fibromyalgia

While searching the we I accidentally found your collagen product which was then presented as the solution to my problem, a miracle product. I was in so much pain, even if I disbelieved, I had to try. At the time the product was manufactured in Canada, but I still ordered. I wasn’t concerned with the price because health has no price, if one can afford it.


I ordered and used Collazymes for 3 months and the results for my health have been spectacular.

Soothed pain

Collazymes is amazing.
I didn’t have to go through surgery. I had intense hip pain.
In just a few days I got very good results. I was lucky to find your website.

Mme Nicole M.


I can testify taht Collazymes is effective for fibromyalgia which I have been suffering from for the last 10 years. When I stop taking Collazymes, I feel the difference and the pain returns.

Caroline R.

Osteoarthritis, eased pain, no more eczema


I wold also like to give you my testimonial because your product is magic


My docteur has told me good about your product; my wife is also going to take it. I am so happy to receive my package of 6 Collazymes.

Best regards;
Jean-Louis M.

Fibromyalgia, reduced pain

I started taking Colalzymes 15 days ago. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for the last 10 years with increased pain in the last year.

Fibromyalgia, less pain, no more anti-pain medication

I am now on my 5th bottle of Collazymes and since the end of the first bottle I barely have any more pain. I have been suffering fro fibromyalgia since 1999. I have reduced my anti-pain medication by 80% and mentally I have changed 100%. I am a new man. There is no comparison.

Thank you!!!!!!

I am so grateful.

Joints, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, better sleep


I must testify of the effectiveness of your Collazymes. You can add my testimonial to the ones I have read online, but without my personal info.


Bursitis, intestines, better sleep

I am very happy with Collazymes. After a fall I developed bursitis in my legs. I am 76 and I feel in shape, my intestines are much better and I sleep well. J

B de L
September 2008



My name is Ginette, I am 48 years old and I live in a small village in the South of France. I tested your Collazymes.

Rheumatism, inflammation, eased pain, improved skin, better sleep

After 2 months of trying Collazymes, I am ordering again. I have systemic inflammatory rheumatic syndrome

Osteoarthritis, reduced pain


I have been using Collazymes for 2 months now and my osteoarthritis pain has greatly diminished. I use to suffer greatly from pain in my left knee and now I only feel a bit of numbness and I have been able to start talking small walks in my neighbourhood. I want you to publish my testimonials, because I recommend Collazymes and I very satisfied.

Thank you so much.
4 June 2008


I have Spondylitis and I was no longer able to walk. I searched online and I found Collazymes. I could no longer take medication because I would swell up. Now that I use Collazymes, I feel much better and I can walk. I ordered 4 bottles that I received well.

Thank you
Mr S. Haubourdin, France

Chronic polyarthritis

I am taking the time to let you know that the results from the use of 2 bottles have been incredible. It had been suffering from Chronic polyarthritis for the last 40 years. Even if with time with get use to the disease, it is such a relief to live without pain again. THANK YOU!

MC L 24700, France

Digestion, reduced pain, fibromyalgia


I recently ordered Collazymes and I am very satisfied. I had digestive problems and food allergies since 2002 and also fibromyalgia


Burn, wound healing


Following an accident, my face and neck were burned deeply to the second degree. I was already taking Collazymes before my accident, but when I got out of the hospital, I doubled the dosage.


Migraines, less knee pain

Marvellous your product. I have less migraines and had been suffering fro the last 18 years. I am now 50.

Thank you very much and I have less knee pain also.

Eliane S.

Testimonial taken from a forum : fibromyalgia

Has anyone ordered Collazymes from Canada? Thanks for your answers.

“… I have been taking Collazymes which has given me back so much energy. This product has also regenerated some cartilage and ligaments, tonified my body, helped my muscular mass.


Bursitis, reduced pain


A few weeks ago I ordered Collazymes to help ease the bursitis pain I have had for years in my left heel. I have to say that after 3 weeks of treatment, I am so much better.




I have been using Collazymes since 2007 and I am still very satisfied and my docteur still greatly surprised of my fibromyalgia improvements. My doctor asked me for some info and flyers so he could inform people around him.

Chantal F.

Osteoarthritis knee pain has practically disappeared


I have just finished my first month f taking Collazymes and I am greatly surprised.

I practically walk normally after limping for 3 years and the best is the pain is practically non existant


Lupus, skin, better sleep, pain disappeared


I am writing to ou to let you know that 1 month ago my sister asked me for 2 bottles of Collazymes for a friend in Switzerland suffering from lupus.


Fibromyalgia, no more medication

Dear sir,

This is my 3rd order and every time I speak about Collazymes to friends, they steal a bottle.

I am very happy to have discovered your product


Ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, eczema


My name is Alexis and I am 26. I suffer from ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia. My condition has greatly improved in the last 15 days because of Collazymes. I have baby skin again. I had eczema on the arms and hands and it has disappeared.




I am so very satisfied wih your product that I am ordering another 9 bottles.Bravo!!!

Martine H. Calvados, France
p.s.: I forgot to tell you hat I had fibromyalgia. Also I give some to my old cat, and he walks much better. No more joint pain.


I have fibromyalgia and back pain. I have ordered products from everyplace and I can testify that yours is the first that has helped me as much. I am ordering 24 bottles for me and my friends.

Sylvie, Switzerland

Knee cartilage

I want to order more bottles. I am your devoted customer. Your product is the first that helps me walk without much problem even with my knee which barely has any cartilage. Two other people in my family also take Collazymes and are very satisfied.

Jean Pasteur, France

Ankylsing spondylitis

Collazymes miracle.

Good evening,

I have received my package but would like to ask something. I will be opening a store in Carcassonne in a few months, and would like to promote Collazymes because it is an exceptional product that the whole world should know about.


Fibromyalgia, 80% less pain, better sleep, less cellulite

I recommend Collazymes

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for the last 11 years. I have been talking Collazymes snce 2005 and have 80% les pain and much more energy.


Cancer of ganglions, hemoglobine


I have been using your product for a little over 3 months. Following severe health problems linked to cancer of the nodes, with a relapse and bone marrow transplant 3 years ago, my oncologist has never seen in such great shape.


Reduced pain, more energy, unswelling of joints

I am 88. For the last 4 years my lower back, kidney area, had so much pain that I was scared I would no longer walk. My buttocks were also very sore. I had to sit before I could finish making my bed in the morning.

Zona, arthritis, less pain, nicer skin, weight loss


Thanks for letting me talk about this. At the beginning I took the product to experiment. I suffered from zona and arthritis in some fingers; no more pain since taking Collazymes.


Kid’s headaches


I am 9 and I have suffered from bad headaches since the age of 3. The doctors had me pass some scans. They said that my headaches were due to nervousness.


Effective, rejuvenating, better health and quality of life


I am very impressed by the the quality of excellence of your company. Your product is very effective and rejuvenating.


Exceptional recovery, better quality of life

I started taking your product May 15th. On the 17th of July, they took my left lung out. Right after the operation I had good energy.

Better wound healing, tendons

In November I had a work accident that necessitated the reconstruction of 2 of my fingers. My fingers had been squashed and in were in very bad shape.

More energy, no more back pain

I started taking your product 10 months ago. I felt the first benefits after a few weeks. I work on the road as a rep. and must cover lots of distance.


Fibromyalgia, glaucoma, thyroid gland, more energy, weight loss, less wrinkles

In April my sister called me and told me she was using this supplement. She said It would help me and that I should try it. I have had many health problems in the past few years.

Herniated disc, better sleep, better mouvements

I am a 36 year old man. After a work accident and a few doctors examinations,physiotherapy, medication, etc, I was operated in 91 and in99 for a herniated disc (L5, S1). I have always had back pain since.

More energy

I am a restaurant owner and I work 16 hrs per day. Eery afternoon I had to take a nap. Since I’ve been using your product, I am full of energy and don’ have to nap anymore.

Thank you, Marcello

Hypertension, asthma , better sleep, more energy, better blood pressure

In 1999 I went home with a diagnosis of heart failure and hypertension. I was a diabetic with 2 insuline shots a day, asthma and renal deficiency. I have been taking the product for less than 2 weeks.

Constipation, better sleep, more energy

I am a 36 year old mother and for two years I have had constipation problems. After trying many well known medications, I still had my problem.

Better sleep, less pain

I use to wake up 3-4 times a night and toss and turn. In the morning, I had to roll out of bed. Now I sleep well and in the morning I can stretch and I get up comfortably and without pain. I am better and better.
Claudette Preville, Montreal

No more pain

I have been taking your product every night for the last 2 months. Within 2 weeks I felt an improvement in my knees,

Better sleep, weight loss, better mood

I started taking your product in January 2002. I use to drink lots of coffee and I had trouble sleeping.

Better digestion, less pain, better sleep

To whom it may concern,

Having had surgery to my left knee twice, I often have persistant pain that limits my activities, I had a few work accidents and I often have back pain as a result.