Enzymes and aging

Does age affect your enzyme production ?

Research has shown that natural enzyme production starts to diminish at the age of 20. Studies indicate that the body’s capacity to produce enzymes diminishes by 13% every 10 years. This means that at the age of 40 our enzyme production is 25% less than when we were a child. At the age of 70, the body seems to only produce one third of the enzymes it needs!

Researchers at the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago found that enzyme sin the saliva, the pancreas and the blood are weaker as we age. The stomach also produces less and less hydrochloric acid, the essential acid that activates digestive enzymes in the stomach.

When the digestion of our food demands such a large production of enzymes, our reserves can empty and deplete the body’s capability of producing enzymes. À large demande of digestive enzymes depletes the metabolic enzyme production that each of the cells of your body needs to function and negatively affects the whole body.

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